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We all enjoy the arts and love our community. We know that the arts add beauty to our lives, helps us to find our similarities and will stimulate an enthusiasm for life and learning. But they can exist and flourish only through our support and encouragement. It is up to those of us who believe that the arts matter to also make sure they are accessible to all. Beginning with our children, we must make sure that the arts return to our classrooms.

Arts resources, professional arts development for teachers, project materials and interaction between students, professional artists and parents are essential to academic success and creating productive lives.  Let us provide our young people with every possibility and opportunity. Let us help them to achieve their full potential. Let us be the leaders who open doors and minds. Join us in making this happen by supporting arts education in our community and Celebrating the Art of Leadership.

Sponsorship and Underwriting Committee: Costa Mesa Chamber of Commerce & South Coast Metro Alliance